4 reasons to Study abroad in a small town

When you think of studying in England, big cities like London always come to mind first. But have you ever thought of escaping the chaos of large cities and choose to study in a small town instead?

Although not globally known and filled with tourists, small towns may surprise you in many  ways.

Newbury, which is approximately 100 km from London and is a great destination for you to experience studying abroad in a smaller town  where you will get to know the local area quickly and easily find what both the town and surrounding areas have to offer


The city is known for its historic centre with many 17th century buildings. What’s more, the town has  Highclere Castle, which was the setting for the famous British TV series Downton Abbey.

Check out a few reasons why making a trip to England and staying in a small town can be a great idea.

Lower cost of living

This is one of the main advantages of living in a small town. With fewer tourists and with less major tourist attractions, small towns offer a lower cost of living, such as housing and food, which can be great for international students.

Fewer tourists

Large tourist towns can be fairly hectic for new students. Smaller towns are easier to explore and to get to know.

Interaction with the local population and being able to practice new language schools can be easier in a smaller environment.

Calmer pace of life

In small towns, traffic and travel times are less of a concern. The distances are shorter and you will have more free time to do what you like, walk, have fun and meet friends. Small towns, make it easier to get to know when you first arrive and recognize points of interest for you.

Close to big cities

Normally, small towns will be close to one of the major cities,, as is the case of Newbury, which is close to London and  just a short train or bus trip.

You can enjoy the weekends or even after class to visit and tour the big cities and during the week spend time in the quiet town where your English language school is located.

Newbury Hall

Newbury Hall is a unique boarding school and university preparation centre, supporting students aged 13 to 17 to gain experience of the UK school system. With students able to study for almost any length of time, it enables students from all over the world to gain the vital skills necessary to flourish in further and higher education.

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