International House Durham Holiday Centre

Durham School is one of the oldest and top-rated boarding schools in the UK, located in the beautiful historic city of Durham and only a 30-minute drive from Newcastle. Home to the breath-taking Durham cathedral as well as stunning Durham Castle, it’s no surprise that International House has chosen Durham School as the site for their young learner holiday centre.

The IH Durham Young Learners programme offers students (8-17) engaging English classes in the morning and exciting, language-focused activities in the afternoon.

Students attending this English course will improve their speaking and listening skills and build their English vocabulary. Working in groups and giving presentations will help students gain confidence and practise their English skills as they develop.

To add to the experience, students can join great excursions to some amazing places including Edinburgh, Newcastle, York and The Lake District National Park.

The International House Durham Young Learners programme includes on-site residential accommodation with full board, full travel and medical insurance, 24-hour supervision by trained safeguarding staff and an end of course progress certificate.

Young learners will develop their language skills and confidence with a quality language provider, in a fantastic location.

Why joining an ISSOS summer school will offer the experience of a lifetime?

Can you imagine anything more exciting for a teenager than having the opportunity to join a summer school abroad?

Joining an international summer school is the best way to combine language learning with a whole host of new and exciting experiences including living in a new country, learning about other cultures, trying out a whole range of activities and best of all making friends from all over the world.

What do the best international summer schools offer?

The best summer schools understand that their students are also on holiday and need to enjoy a well-earned break from their traditional school environment. In addition to offering the highest quality academic programmes, schools should offer a whole range of leisure activities that will really engage and enthuse their students.

If young people are to take full advantage of being in another country, they should be given every possible opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture by going on excursions and visiting the best attractions, both locally and further afield. This will give them the confidence to communicate using their new language skills.

One of the things that most students say they are looking for from a summer school is to make new friends from all over the world. Young people develop and mature when they mix with different cultures. Access to a varied evening programme in addition to their daytime studies and activities allows students time to mix and mingle with their new friends in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

ISSOS Summer Schools

ISSOS has been offering summer programmes with this great mix of ingredients since 2005 in three amazing locations, in the UK or USA – Cambridge, St Andrews and Yale. They are so successful at what they do that over half of their students return every year because they enjoy the courses so much.

One of the areas that really sets ISSOS apart is their varied activity offer which gives individual students the opportunity to select things they are really interested in from a wide choice of sports and great social activities in the evenings. Whether it’s joining in with a guest speakers’ debate, showcasing talent at a variety show or even embracing the local culture with a spot of Scottish country dancing, there really is something to suit all tastes. What not have a go at ultimate frisbee or urban orienteering?

ISSOS further encourages a teambuilding culture by inviting each student to join an ISSOS Clan and over the three weeks, students will compete in a variety of the evening programmes to gain points for their team. This is another great way to strengthen those new friendships as they develop.

Find out everything you need to know about ISSOS programmes in the UK or the USA.

Learn English and practise your favourite hobby at the same time

If you are considering going abroad to learn English, wouldn’t it also be fantastic to get the opportunity to enjoy your favourite hobby in your spare time? This might be playing soccer or golf, dancing or horse riding. Whatever it is you might want to learn more about an English programme where you can also have these enrichment opportunities.

English+ Programme

This programme combines English classes with sports and other hobbies, tourism and culture. It offers the best possible opportunities to put the language you learn into practice, in more natural situations. You can relax as you use your new language, and this will give you the confidence to speak more fluently.

English with Sports

If you enjoy sports, you can choose a destination where you can play sports while studying English or learn a new sport that is native and popular in that country. In addition to the English course, there are several sports to choose from including basketball, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis and horse riding. While practising the particular sport you can also learn and use the vocabulary that is particularly related to it.

English with the Arts

If you enjoy dancing and acting, the performing arts English programme could be a great option for you.

Classes are taught in English, enabling you to practise and improve your communication skills, while doing something you love.

English with Tourism

If your goal is to truly live and learn all about the culture in your country of choice, then this is the program for you. With an intensive excursion programme, you will be able to visit some of the most famous places in your chosen destination and combine this with learning English.

English with Volunteering

This programme combines English classes with a volunteering experience such as park or beach maintenance. This allows students to contribute to the local community and will really help you to feel part of the place you have chosen to learn English in.

English with Adventure Activities

If you enjoy adventure activities, then this programme will enable you to try a whole variety of them in a modern well-equipped adventure centre. You can practise some you have tried before or choose completely new ones in a very safe environment. You can improve not only your English but also your leadership and teamworking skills.

Ardmore Language Schools have been offering the very best language programmes to international students for over 30 years across the UK and in the USA. Their specialist courses have been designed to combine language learning with the other interests you love. This will enable you to improve your skills in English by doing the things you really enjoy!

Junior English language programme: Learn the benefits of studying in the UK

Have you ever thought about sending your child to the UK to study English and all the benefits this will bring them?

The Junior Explorer Programme offers your child the best experiences and opportunities to study English in the UK. They will make memories that they will remember for a lifetime. 

Advantages of Studying English in the UK

The experience of studying abroad is a very positive one in so many ways, especially for children. The richness of this experience is unquestionable.

Studying abroad can provide challenges but these are all part of this rich experience. Spending some time away from home and their family can allow a child’s independence and confidence to develop. Everything the experience offers will give juniors a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The programme attracts children from all over the world and gives them a chance to experience new cultures, both of the host country and of the other students. This isn’t just a trip, it’s a global experience.

Studying English in the UK offers a perfect mix of cosmopolitan, modern city life and rich cultural history. Students learn British English, surrounded and immersed in British culture and all the learning experiences that provides.

The Junior Explorer Programme

The Junior Explorer Programme is for children ages 7 to 10.

During this 2-week programme, students learn through projects and by working in groups, making them practise the language and study something new with each project developed.

In the course, students will develop their English language skills including speaking, writing, listening and reading, as well as improving their pronunciation and learning new vocabulary.

But it is not only in the classroom that students have the opportunity to practise English. During the language programme, there are also activities available in the day and evenings, including a whole schedule of excursions to some of the UK’s most famous historical and cultural destinations including London, Oxford, Cambridge and Stratford-upon-Avon.

To find out more about this wonderful opportunity for young people to study English in one of the most interesting cities in the world, on a programme designed just for them check out everything at Bell English for young learners.

Cambridge Assessment English

As part of the University of Cambridge, with over 5.5 million qualifications taken every year in 130 countries, Cambridge English is, without doubt, the most established and renowned English language assessment provider in the world. Since 1913, they have enabled millions of people globally to learn English and showcase their skills.

Add a recognised qualification to your CV this summer!

If you are planning an extended stay (two-weeks plus) then it’s worthwhile studying towards a Cambridge English Qualification.  An exam preparation course will extend your knowledge and increase your confidence in English, putting you one step ahead of your classmates when you return home for the start of the new academic year. You’ll benefit from an in-depth qualification that is a mark of excellence, accepted and trusted by thousands of schools and universities worldwide.

Recommended exams for students aged 12-16

A2 Key for Schools shows that you are able to use English in simple situations. Those new to learning English can take this to improve confidence and skills. Students who have mastered the basics can move onto a B1 Preliminary for Schools and B2 First for Schools, offering intermediate level qualifications and the confidence and skills to prepare for higher-level exams. These structured qualifications will enable younger language learners to gain the confidence and skills necessary to communicate effectively in English.

No time to prepare for an exam?

If you don’t have time to prepare for an exam but want to return home with proof of your language proficiency, look for Linguaskill. Online, on-demand and using artificial intelligence to give an immediate result, Linguaskill is the next generation of language testing. 

University Immersion programmes at Redwing Education

Redwing Education is a summer university immersion programme designed to give students aged 14 to 19 years the experience of learning English in an academic environment, within a highly prestigious university, either living in the United States or in the United Kingdom.

Students will have the opportunity to improve both the level of their English as well as experiencing academic life and progressing in several aspects of their learning.

Redwing Education is an exclusive programme of Ardmore Language Schools, a network of English language schools with more than 30 years of experience and accredited by the British Council, which guarantees the highest quality standards in English courses and teaching.

How does the University Immersion programme work?

There are 4 hours of lessons per day, organised as follows: 2 hours of General English and 2 hours of Uni-Life course with a maximum of 10 students per class.

The programme also offers preparation for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, evaluating 4 language skills: conversation, text interpretation, writing and oral comprehension and accepted by most universities.

In addition to a quality education programme, a full schedule of excursions and tours are organised to provide social opportunities for students and teachers.

What is the Uni-Life course?

The Uni-Life course is unique and exclusive to Redwing Education.

The online learning platform includes IELTS preparation and practice exercises as well as undergraduate student support, giving a unique experience of university-style

The interesting thing about the platform is that the student is given access to it 1 month before the beginning of their course and 6 months after, ensuring the student has maximum learning opportunities and full benefits of the programme.

Studying in the UK gives you access to the University of Cambridge, the second oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of Bath with its incredible variety of historical and cultural sites and Imperial College classified as one of the best universities in England, located in the central London, with easy access to the sights of the city. All universities accept students from 14 to 17 years of age.

Studying in the U.S allows you to attend Yale University, founded in 1701, situated 2 hours away from Boston and 90 minutes from Manhattan and one of the leading liberal arts universities in the United States and the world. The other option in the U.S is the University of California Berkeley, founded in 1866 and one of the top universities in the United States located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both universities accept students from 14 to 19 years of age.

The most Eco-friendly summer camps in the UK

The amount of single used plastic waste people produce every day is alarming, therefore we are proud to see Summer camps like Trinity UK trying to make a difference.

This summer, all students learning English at Trinity UK schools will be encouraged to bring refillable water bottles and each Trinity UK school will provide several places for them to fill up their reusable bottles with fresh water.

By reducing the use of plastics and other non-recyclable materials such as plastic cups, plastic bags, and cutlery used in their centres in the UK, Trinity UK schools are becoming one of the most eco-friendly summer camps in the country.

Find out more about this amazing initiative in our latest article published on LearnEnglishIn.

IH London

International House (IH) London, located in the centre of the UK’s capital, is one of the most prestigious language schools in the country. Found in the beautiful area of Covent Garden, the school has everything you need to learn English and have the time of your life.

There are more than 50 modern classrooms , a computer centre, a library and even an onsite café! The amazing location of the school gives you easy access to all of London’s many attractions.

IH London offers year-round bespoke courses for young learner groups here. Group courses are designed to meet students learning goals but also give them the opportunity to visit many top London attractions during the course.

Accommodation is arranged either with local host families or at the nearby campus.



IH London – Moulton College

Moulton can be found in Northamptonshire in the UK and is a very traditional English village with charming cottages and peaceful atmosphere. It’s ideally located if you want to explore some of the most famous cities in the UK such as London and Cambridge.

International House (IH) chose the facilities of Moulton College for their summer camp because the school offers everything you need for an amazing summer camp experience.  There are 2 large indoor sports halls, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a dance studio.

IH offers various English language courses for students aged 12- 17 years. You can choose between English Plus (Intensive English course); Active English (English course combined with professional coaching activities – e.g. tennis, dance, photography, swimming) and there is a unique Animal Care course, which gives you an opportunity to improve your English skills and learn more about taking care of animals. This is a really unique course.

If you choose to learn English at IH Moulton College, IH will help you to visit London, Oxford and even the famous Harry Potter Studios!

IH London – Ellesmere College

Shropshire is a unique part of England. It is close to the border with Wales and full of charming market towns surrounded by stunning nature, and is a great location for your summer camp experience!

The International House (IH) summer school is on the grounds of Ellesmere College. This location is fantastic and gives you access to well-known cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and also the historical cities of Bath and Stratford-upon- Avon. IH will arrange visits for you to some of these during your stay.

IH offers various English language courses including Intensive English (English Plus) and Active English (English courses combined with professional coaching activities like tennis, dance, photography, swimming etc).

The school has great facilities and features an indoor swimming pool, multi-sport playing fields, 6 tennis courts, a golf course, sports pitches, a sports hall, 3 cricket pitches, and a music and arts centre. You can pretty much do anything here!

IH occupies two schools, so the junior students (8-11 years) have their own dedicated space.


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