International high school programme in Canada? Discover New Westminster!

Are you thinking about studying abroad? Do you want to attend an international high school programme in Canada? We found the right place for you then!

Very close to Vancouver, there’s a city called New Westminster and we think it’s the perfect place for your international high school programme experience in Canada. Continue reading to find out why.

Only  20 minutes from Vancouver, New Westminster is a quiet city with lots of nature, bike paths and hiking trails. With great parks and community centres, New Westminster offers a variety of sporting and cultural activities for you to enjoy during your stay.

When you study abroad in Canada you will meet people from all over the world as well as Canadians. This gives you a great chance to practice and improve your English both inside and outside the classroom.

For both residents and visitors, community centres are public places. You’ll also find a gym, multi-sport courts, soccer fields, skate tracks, skating, dancing, cooking, among many other activity programmes.

Educational programmes and services for international students give you the chance to achieve academic success, a greater understanding of the area, make lasting new friendships and go home as a better person.

New Westminster Schools provide various levels of English and are designed to improve your communication and other academic needs. Students have a great time doing school activities, clubs and watching local sports teams. This will help you to practice your new English language skills and build connections with Canadian culture and Canadian people.

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