Learn English and have fun in Weymouth this summer

If you want to learn English abroad, and want to have fun doing something different, in Weymouth, England, you will find unique English courses combined with super cool activities and sports.

The charming seaside town Weymouth in Dorset, South-West England, is packed with things to do and places to see.

The famous harbour of Weymouth offers incredible views of fishing boats and sailing boats as well as cafés, restaurants and shops. If you want to take a summer course in Weymouth then why not study with Weymouth English Centre whose director has been welcoming international students for more than 30 years.

English and Windsurfing

In this summer program, there are 15 hours of English lessons per week, combined with 12 hours of windsurfing per week during the afternoon, as well as other evening activities during the week and excursions on Saturdays.

The sport is similar to surfing and with a sail between two and five meters high.

Windsurfing lessons are always supervised by qualified instructors and take place in  Portland Harbour, which was the venue for sailing events at the 2012 Olympics.

English and Activities

Study  15 hours of English lessons per week, and have 4 afternoons a week with activities of your choice, as well as evening activities and excursions on Saturdays.

There are a wide variety of activities for you to choose from during the day such as bowling, go-karting, football, volleyball, dance classes, swimming, tennis, sand sculptures, martial arts and many more.

In the evenings there are movie nights, talent shows, pizza, disco, and more. 

English and Sailing

15 hours of English lessons per week together with  12 hours of sailing, as well as the evening activities and excursions on Saturdays.

Sailing lessons are always with qualified instructors at the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre in Portland Harbour, which is one of Britain’s best places to sail.

English and Outdoor Adventure

15 hours of English lessons per week come with 12 hours of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing, paddle-boarding or kayaking, as well as the great evening activities and a full day trip on Saturdays.

If you want to learn English and experience a summer you‘ll remember forever, get in touch with Weymouth English Centre.The school is based in beautiful Weymouth and offers summer English programmes for teenagers (13-17) combined with these super-cool activities.

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