Learn English and practise your favourite hobby at the same time

If you are considering going abroad to learn English, wouldn’t it also be fantastic to get the opportunity to enjoy your favourite hobby in your spare time? This might be playing soccer or golf, dancing or horse riding. Whatever it is you might want to learn more about an English programme where you can also have these enrichment opportunities.

English+ Programme

This programme combines English classes with sports and other hobbies, tourism and culture. It offers the best possible opportunities to put the language you learn into practice, in more natural situations. You can relax as you use your new language, and this will give you the confidence to speak more fluently.

English with Sports

If you enjoy sports, you can choose a destination where you can play sports while studying English or learn a new sport that is native and popular in that country. In addition to the English course, there are several sports to choose from including basketball, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis and horse riding. While practising the particular sport you can also learn and use the vocabulary that is particularly related to it.

English with the Arts

If you enjoy dancing and acting, the performing arts English programme could be a great option for you.

Classes are taught in English, enabling you to practise and improve your communication skills, while doing something you love.

English with Tourism

If your goal is to truly live and learn all about the culture in your country of choice, then this is the program for you. With an intensive excursion programme, you will be able to visit some of the most famous places in your chosen destination and combine this with learning English.

English with Volunteering

This programme combines English classes with a volunteering experience such as park or beach maintenance. This allows students to contribute to the local community and will really help you to feel part of the place you have chosen to learn English in.

English with Adventure Activities

If you enjoy adventure activities, then this programme will enable you to try a whole variety of them in a modern well-equipped adventure centre. You can practise some you have tried before or choose completely new ones in a very safe environment. You can improve not only your English but also your leadership and teamworking skills.

Ardmore Language Schools have been offering the very best language programmes to international students for over 30 years across the UK and in the USA. Their specialist courses have been designed to combine language learning with the other interests you love. This will enable you to improve your skills in English by doing the things you really enjoy!

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