Why joining an ISSOS summer school will offer the experience of a lifetime?

Can you imagine anything more exciting for a teenager than having the opportunity to join a summer school abroad?

Joining an international summer school is the best way to combine language learning with a whole host of new and exciting experiences including living in a new country, learning about other cultures, trying out a whole range of activities and best of all making friends from all over the world.

What do the best international summer schools offer?

The best summer schools understand that their students are also on holiday and need to enjoy a well-earned break from their traditional school environment. In addition to offering the highest quality academic programmes, schools should offer a whole range of leisure activities that will really engage and enthuse their students.

If young people are to take full advantage of being in another country, they should be given every possible opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture by going on excursions and visiting the best attractions, both locally and further afield. This will give them the confidence to communicate using their new language skills.

One of the things that most students say they are looking for from a summer school is to make new friends from all over the world. Young people develop and mature when they mix with different cultures. Access to a varied evening programme in addition to their daytime studies and activities allows students time to mix and mingle with their new friends in a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere.

ISSOS Summer Schools

ISSOS has been offering summer programmes with this great mix of ingredients since 2005 in three amazing locations, in the UK or USA – Cambridge, St Andrews and Yale. They are so successful at what they do that over half of their students return every year because they enjoy the courses so much.

One of the areas that really sets ISSOS apart is their varied activity offer which gives individual students the opportunity to select things they are really interested in from a wide choice of sports and great social activities in the evenings. Whether it’s joining in with a guest speakers’ debate, showcasing talent at a variety show or even embracing the local culture with a spot of Scottish country dancing, there really is something to suit all tastes. What not have a go at ultimate frisbee or urban orienteering?

ISSOS further encourages a teambuilding culture by inviting each student to join an ISSOS Clan and over the three weeks, students will compete in a variety of the evening programmes to gain points for their team. This is another great way to strengthen those new friendships as they develop.

Find out everything you need to know about ISSOS programmes in the UK or the USA.

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